How do I get the mute?

 It is a four-step process to acquire The Mute:

1. Purchase The Mute through our easy to use online site

2. The order is processed immediately and the information is sent to your preferred FFL/SOT (Please allow up to 5 business days for them to accept)

3. Fill out and file Form 4 at your local FFL/SOT

4. Wait for approval from the ATF then pickup The Mute

How long does it take to get The Mute?

The F4-M9 and the F4-M22 are ready to ship. Alternatively, the F4-M556 will be ready within 90 Days. Currently, wait times for Form 4 Approval is 200-250 days. Once submitted, your forms can be tracked here.

Is The Mute legal in my state?

Currently, 42 states allow the private ownership of suppressors. To find out if The Mute is legal in your state please visit The American Suppressor Association.

What is required to purchase The Mute?

The Mute is an NFA item and does require the ATF Form 4(tax stamp) found at your local SOT or Class 3 dealer.

What other calibers will be available?

Models in a .45 and a .30 are currently being developed.

What are the cleaning and maintenance procedures?

The complete instructions for cleaning and maintenance can be found here [insert hyperlink]

Is there a booster available for pistol use?

We currently do not have a booster with our system the current F4-M9C is designed for use with carbine or fixed barrel action

What are the decibel ratings for each suppressor?

The decibel ratings are dependent on the caliber used, ammo, barrel length and a spectrum of other factors. The decibel ratings can all be found here [insert hyperlink] along with the equipment used to achieve these ratings.

What is the warranty on The Mute?

A full view of our Limited Lifetime Warranty along with our return policy can be found here.

Is the flashhider attachment available separately?

Not at this time.